Work party today: Jump in and pick a job!

helping-handToday from 9-5, you can be of service at the Glendale New Church. 845 Congress Avenue, Glendale. A delicious soup will be provided for lunch. Here is a sampling of things with which you can lend a hand:

Plant the bulbs donated at Easter
Pick up sticks – great job for kids!
Pull the climbing ivy off of the walls (maybe dig up the ivy?)
Leaf blowing and weed-wacking
Get the lawn mower fired up and ready for spring
Clean and store the snow blower
Check out the grill – clean and make sure it works
Prune the rose bush etc
Create a small garden around the phone pole
And there’s always unlimited weeding opportunities!
Clean out the frig
Tidy up – put stuff into storage boxes
Move a cabinet to hide the rummage sale stuff – to do this we’ll have to empty the cabinets, sort the stuff and organize it before putting it back
Replace heating elements in the hot water heater (x2)
Install remaining floor tiles
Repair / paint ceiling tiles
Organize things better in the mechanical room
Upstairs Community Room:
Prepare the chairs for cleaning. We will have Teasdale Fenton come in next week to clean them. Need to remove the white netting, count them, and try to straighten any bent legs.
Replace any burned out light bulbs.
Replace any burned out light bulbs.
Move the boxes in the office to the bookcases and the loft
Clean the filters in all 3 furnaces
Install weather-stripping where needed The old office door is leaking badly
Tidy up the office area – put stuff into storage boxes
Haul junk out of the cellar
Install plastic sheeting over cleared areas – reduces moisture, chance of mold, and cost of dehumidifying, etc.


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