#WednesdayWisdom, Swedenborg & Linnaeus


Krohn Conservatory, Butterfly Show 2016

Today is the anniversary of Carl Linnaeus’ death, in 1778, the botanist responsible for the scientific naming convention, binomial nomenclature. Linnaeus was Emanuel Swedenborg’s cousin by marriage.

“Neither Linnaeus nor Swedenborg sensed any contradiction between their early modern world-view and their modern scientific practices. While Swedenborg struggled to find divine ‘correspondences’ in the minute articulations of the natural world, (xiv) Linnaeus sought “signatures” of spiritual significance in fauna and flora. Both men also searched for spiritual ‘signatures’ in the daily lives and political affairs of their countrymen.”(xv)

Schuchard, Marsha Keith.  Emanuel Swedenborg, Secret Agent on Earth and in Heaven: Jacobites, Jews and Freemasons in Early Modern Sweden. Brill, 2012.

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