Giving Thanks for the Everyday Things

11-23-17 pic

Think of what Christ says about the lilies of the field in Matthew 6:28-30–how they have been wondrously made. Look around you with open eyes and an open mind at all of the wonders God has wrought.

God is in the small stuff. There are tiny miracles happening everywhere, every day that we might take for granted. God is with us every moment. If He wasn’t, we would die. As Emanuel Swedenborg said, “We are because God is.” (Divine Providence, n. 46) It’s God’s Love for us that is our very life. The more open we are to His Love, the more alive we will feel.

“Life is more than food,” Christ says in Luke 12:23. Swedenborg says, “Love is a person’s life.” (Divine Love and Wisdom, n. 1) That is, the life we feel in us every day is God’s Love in us. We need to give thanks for this Love when we first wake up, throughout our day, and when we go to sleep at night. Then we will feel God’s Presence with us and give thanks.

~Sue Marie & Rev. Bob






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