Honor Your Father and Your Mother

WP_000235And He said, I am Jehovah, the God of Abraham your father means the Lord in whom that good originated. This becomes clear from the fact that Jehovah is the Divine Being (Esse) itself of the Lord, who is called the God of Abraham by virtue of Divine GoodAbraham representing the Lord as regards Divine Good, see 2172, 2198. And because Divine Good is the source of all celestial and spiritual goods, and consequently of all truths also, the phrase your [that is, Jacob’s] father Abraham is used, when in fact Isaac was his father. The reason why father in the internal sense means good is that good is the source of every single thing that has being and truth the means by which it is brought into being. Thus, every single thing is born from a marriage of good and truth. Heaven itself, which consists of nothing else at all but the Divine marriage of Good and Truth, derives from the Divine Marriage of Good and Truth and of Truth and Good within the Lord.

[2] The whole natural order also in every single part has reference to what is good and what is true. In it, that is, the natural order, the celestial and spiritual goods and truths that belong to heaven are represented, and in heaven Divine Goods and Truths that are the Lord’s are represented. From this it becomes clear that good is like the father and truth is like the mother, and that therefore father in the internal sense of the Word means good, and mother truth.

[5] … Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged on the land which Jehovah your God gives you. Exod. 20:12; Deut. 5:16.

This commandment, like the rest of the Ten Commandments, is true in both senses – in the internal sense honoring father and mother is loving what is good and true, and in what is good and true, loving the Lord, see 2609, 3690.

[6] … In every case good and truth were meant in the internal sense, and in the highest sense the Lord as regards Divine Good and Divine Truth

[7] In all these places father and mother in the sense of the letter is used to mean father and mother, but in the internal sense good and truth are meant, and in the highest sense the Lord as regards Divine Good and Divine Truth.”

~~ Arcana Coelestia, Emanuel Swedenborg, (trans. Elliott), n. 3703 [emphases added]


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