Children’s Garden Growing!

seedling-ncomChurches around the country are offering their open spaces for shared use; directly and through cooperatives.

We are expanding our Children’s Garden this year to include participants from our neighborhood and neighborhood schools!

ncom-ChildrensCommunityGarden-2017 (flyer)

“By allotting land for a community garden, a church is saying, we care about the community, the planet and providing a source for personal enrichment on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.” ~Amy Lee

This connection with the surrounding communities binds a church and village with a simple use—to use the earth for the greater good of all who share it. N.C.o.M.’s hope is that by providing this opportunity for school children to plant a seedling and watch it grow, it will help them:

  • Have a respect and love for nature,
  • Create real knowledge of how food grows,
  • Develop an understanding of a power greater than themselves &
  • Share a place to connect with others in our community space!

See our progress!