Sunday of Angels

A few weeks back, one of our lay-led services was on the book “Angels of Grace” by Anselm Gruen. We each took turns blindly choosing about 5 cards and then each of us read one of our selections. We heard, that morning, from the angels of Mourning, Prudence, Humility, Clarity and Parting that day.

According to writings from Emanuel Swedenborg, “angels perform the specific service for which they are best suited, and this work is one of their greatest joys.  While angels love the work that they do, they are not doing it for their own sake—they are doing it out of a love of being useful and serving others. The Lord works through angels, and this is true to such an extent that Swedenborg tells us angels won’t take credit for any of the good that they do. Everything comes from the Lord.” -

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