Easter Message

Guest Minister, Rev. Terry Schnarr delivered our Easter readings and message.

New Testament Reading: Luke 24: 1-12, 30-44,& 50,51

Reading from Swedenborg
“The Lord came into the world to subdue the hells and to glorify His human nature. The suffering on the cross was the last battle by which He completely defeated the hells and completely glorified His human nature.  It is common knowledge that the Lord conquered death, which means hell, and that afterward He ascended into heaven in glory. What people do not know, though, is that the Lord conquered death or hell by means of battles that are temptations, and by doing so glorified His human nature at the same time. His suffering on the cross was the last battle, or temptation, by which He effected this conquest and this glorification.” (Doctrine of the Lord, paragraph 12)

Furthermore, “It is not possible to form a relationship with a God who is invisible. People are still unaware that the one only God, who cannot be seen, came into the world and took on a human manifestation, not only for the purpose of redeeming the human race but also in order to become someone we could see and form a relationship with. We read in the opening of the gospel of John: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was made flesh.” (1:1,14)” (TCR 786)

“Before God took on a human manifestation He was not visible…. A relationship with an invisible God is like trying to make eye contact with the limitless vastness of outer space, or like being on the lookout in mid-ocean and not being able to see anything but endless sky and sea. However, establishing a relationship with a visible God is like making eye contact with a man in the air or on the sea, whose arms then reach out and invite us into His arms for a hug!” (TCR. 787)

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