Toy Swap for Gathering and Learning

As a way to do outreach to youth and families and simultaneously give back to women and children in our city, our church decided to hold a Toy Swap on October 10.  We had a beautiful day, we had yummy baked goods, we had awesome toys, we had a great sign. We just didn’t have a lot of advertising ahead of time. We got one visitor from off the street, and we also got a message on our answering machine asking details.

Fortunately, we as a church, came together; gathered toys, pooled our money and were able to make it a success in spite of the lack of turnout. We know that next year, we will advertise well in advance, network with other organizations, find out town rules about signage, and definitely invite children!

Last week, Gloria, my two boys and I delivered the collected toys and check to Bethany House Services in Fairmount, a neighborhood in Cincinnati. It was good for my boys to hear that the families this house served are homeless. These families don’t have anything. And to kids, hearing that children don’t have toys is somewhat unfathomable. Bethany House Services, provides an important service in our community; shelter and support to homeless women and children in the Cincinnati area, serving 130 people a day in various locations. They regularly need clothing, toiletries and volunteers. How can you help?

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