We have Sunday School!

Are you looking for a place to attend church in the Cincinnati area that is open-minded, relaxed, and has activities during church-time that encourage your children to think about spirituality? The New Church of Montgomery, currently sharing space with the Glendale New Church, in Glendale, OH, is it!

Our Sunday school is currently a pre-k and elementary-aged group that shares their time with our responsible instructor(s) who have had many years as both Sunday school instructors and as caring parents. Children can take part in the beginning of the church service which begins at 10:30 am; it includes opening prayer, opening hymn and lighting of our four candles. Then, children are welcomed to the Sunday school table where they receive a similar lesson that the adults are hearing in regular service, reading a story, or thinking about daily ethics, all of which usually involve a craft. During the warm weather, the kids can play out back after their lesson in the play area! It’s a win-win for parents and kids.

Thinking about joining us? Write us an email or call us and let us know to expect you! There’s always room for one more.  NewChurchofMontgomery@gmail.com , or (513) 630-8777

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