Lenten Prayers, March 8

From http://wordsmatter.org/

Words affect all of us differently.  As you read this prayer, read with generosity, and consider which images and words speak to you, and which make you bristle.  Instead of agreeing or disagreeing in the “Comments” section, please use that space to expand upon an image or word from the prayer that resonated with you, or that you felt was missing, and write an expansive prayer of your own.

Wake me up God, from the dreamless sleep of complacency.
Wake me from the fitful slumber of worry and despair.
Wake me from the sleepwalking of needless gathering and greed.
Wake me from the nightmares of prejudice, hatred and fear.

Wake me to the daybreak of your Resurrection morning.
Wake me to the dawning of new life in You.
Wake me to the sunshine warmth of service and caring.
Wake me to a blessed day of purposeful living.

And after the sunset, let me find at last a peaceful slumber in Your Love.

Susan Daron
President, Eastmont Church Women United
Member, Zion United Church of Christ
Gresham, Oregon


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